Monday, January 21, 2008

2008: Start The Year Right

And yes we did!

Sheila and I entered ourselves in the 2nd Badminton sa Laguna District sponsored by the Bukas Loob sa Diyos (San Pablo City) last January 20th, 2008, along with other pairs from IRRI/ISAAA/WorldFish. All the smashings were held at the Premiere Sports Zone in Calamba City.

The two of us were placed at Level 5. There were 7 levels (2-8, with level 2 being the most advanced). Since the tournament was small, there was only one bracket per level. Sheila was already complaining wednesday (before the tournament) because we were initially placed at level 7, then we were placed 2 levels up!

There were 5 pairs in our bracket, and with the single round robin format, we were to play 4 games. The top pair after all the games will be declared the champions.

Game one. The first pair we played against, the guy was strong (level 2 in the men's doubles) but his partner was no match for Sheila's skills. Yeah, the guy was skillful, but Sheila and I held our own. We managed to squeak in the win, through Sheila's heart-stopping, net-hugging drop shot! (Sorry Epoy, I had to smash...).

Game two. The next pair were the eventual champions (oops, sorry for the spoiler). Anyway, we lost in two sets. Probably one our more forgettable games. We were bent on our offense but the other pair was just pushing the shuttle back to us, forcing us to make errors. Darn.

Game three. The married couple Consie-Atoy (also from IRRI). These two we always play against back in the IRRI courts. And I'm proud to say that before, they were always the pair to beat. Sheila and I couldn't simply beat them! They would win with the slimmest of margins! But recently, we could already return the compliment... and returned it again during this tourney. :)

Game four. Due to my spoiler in game two, we were only in the running for 2nd place. The last pair we met only had one loss also (the same pair that gave us our lone defeat). In this last game, Sheila and I gave it our all. The guy was a strong smasher/driver and his partner also a strong smasher. In the first set, we lost due to my serving error at 14-all (tsk! I wasn't paying attention to the score!).

We took the second set with still more points to spare. I danced Epoy-style when She and I defended the fort and left the enemy with "that was yours" look.

At that start of the deciding set, Coach Jelo then reminded me that the guy's game is now off and told me not to play their game. As usual, we started slow, 1-6 (duh!). Then rage filled me when the guys smashed straight to Sheila. I didn't mind if he smashed at me. Immediately I focused on smashing the shuttle as soon as I got the opportunity. I said to Sheila, "gaganti tayo..." And then the shuttle weakly raised in front of me and I jumped and smashed! "Tsk, nakailag si gago!" I said to myself. I cheered with my "success", ala-Jepoy (I glanced at the umpire, for she might caution me, hehehehe...). Just like what Coach Epoy says, "kahit di pumasok basta tumama sa tao."

And when it was time to leave, I realized I should have planted more shuttles in his body: They claimed they were second place! The nerve with this guy, didn't even bother double checking their standing!

Anyway, we got it sorted at match control and they took our pics with the ceremonial medals. :)

Other pairs from our group:

Jelo-Anchie, 2nd place MD L2
Epoy-Jing, 2nd place MXD L3
EJ-Joan, 2nd place MXD L2

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Christina said...

Congratulations, Icoy and Shiela.
Buti naman at nag-post ka na rin ng bagong entry, Mr Mercado! :P