Friday, October 08, 2010

Open Sourcing

Having old PowerPC hardware with not much option of an upgrade, it was time to try something different. For some years now, I have been a "fan" of open source: Linux distros YellowDog, Bayanihan, Suse, Ubuntu. I was able to run these said distros on an oldworld PPC (except Ubuntu). It was a challenge not to get frustrated during installations. I found myself using the "$" prompt, and I was successful, to some extent. I even thought about taking up short courses on Linux! (Linux is free, but the classes are expensive!)

After a few months, however, we got an iBook. Then my install disks were shelved and now are obsolete. This was six years ago...

Now, I type this on a WinBox. Open source is still here. I installed VirtualBox and in it I have run Karmic Koala. But Linux is not booted up very often.

Even though running windoze OS, open source is very much active in this box. I have a "complimentary copy" of PS CS4 but I actually prefer GIMP 2.6 over it. I also have a "complimentary copy" of M$0fce but I prefer

Other open source software that I use is UFRAW (okay, I'm trying to "love" it but PS CS handles RAW files much better!).

Self publishing is an in thing, and my wife and I are trying to make our first photo book. Open source tools: Inkscape for vector graphics and Scribus for lay-out.

I wish I were typing on a Mac (yes, I wish, and I wish soon! Very soon!). Good thing GIMP, Inkscape,, and Scribus have versions that can run on the Mac.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Initiated... not!

I got this last Friday after playing football in the Institute's sportsfest.

(Background). I injured myself while playing football (scrimmage only!)last March 5th. I sprinted to catch up with a wayward ball when I felt a sharp pain on the underside of my right thigh. I slowed down a bit, then accelerated again but the pain was still there. I decided to allow Olen to get the ball (she was on the other team) while I limped towards the touch line. Right then, I knew I strained my hamstring.

I couldn't walk normally, I couldn't undo/do my shoe laces. So that was the start of a one-week no-sport week. I had to have this injury shaken off quickly- the Institute games were about to start in two weeks and our team was to play first!

The healing time I alloted was actually one day more than a week. Since our team were playing the following week, I called for a practice on March 13th. My right thigh still hurt so I did not strain it too much- I actually used my right foot during the duration of the practice. Another practice was held a day before the game (Thursday), and again I used my left leg more.

Come game day, I relied on my right leg more. Grabe, it hurt but I just let it be. Shaking my leg once in a while when the ball was not in our half. The game ended and I did a lot of running, free kicks, long clears jumping headers and other "normal" moves.

Friday night, Sheila noticed that I had a small bruise at the lower portion on the back of my thigh. I did not hurt.

The following Saturday, we scoured Divisoria for a variety of stuff. When we came home, there... my overly strained hamstring... so, no sports for 2 weeks again... Sigh...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pre-Year-End Update

With only a few days left in November and the whole of December remaining for 2008, here's a summary of the tournaments that kept my sports life busy.

Cheers to an active 2008!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Welcome Change

Barack Obama will be proclaimed the next president of the US of A.

In his campaign, he urged voters to "vote for change." And change will be.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More badminton tournaments: KBP and LJ Cups

Been quite busy with work and stuff but could still squeeze in some time for badminton tournaments.

First, Sheila and I joined the Bukas Loob sa Diyos (BLD) Cup last January (Premier Sportz Zone, Calamba City). It was small tournament and was lucky enough to finish 2nd in our level. See previous post here.


Then in April, Pogs and I, along with other pairs from IRRI, joined the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) tourney (Club 650 at Libis, Quezon City). We didn't fare well. Even our other companions didn't do a lot better. What the heck- it was almost a national tournament! Sheila this time paired with Mary.

Thanks to Anton Daluz who adopted for two nights!

LJ Cup '08

And then last weekend (Sept 14th), Sheila and I joined the LJ Cup '08, again at the Premier Sportz Zone, Calamba City. I just sent Ethel (our badminton apparel supplier) an SMS a week before the tournament if we could join and she listed us in level 3 (thanks, Ethel!). Jelo and Epoy also joined, as a last minute addition to level 1- they sent the message to Ethel the Friday before!

Sheila and I dropped one game. A card of 2 wins - 1 loss was not enough to advance to cross-over (two brackets in level 3 MXD- only the top pair will advance). The pair who dealt us our sole loss eventually lost to the top pair from the other bracket. Well, even if we advanced to the championships, our chances of winning would be very slim. The champions could very well be placed in level 2. Tsk, sayang! But no sour-grapes around here! With only one day of practice, Php300 joining fee (inclusive of court fees, shuttlecocks, tournament shirt, lunch and snacks), I have no complaints. Well, may be just the heat. :p

The Jelo-Epoy tandem did a better finish- 2nd place! I tip my hat to the two!

For a job well done, we treated ourselves to a hearty meal of bulalo at Aviles Restaurant (Real, Calamba City). We also feasted on Jelo's afritada.

Next tournament: Laguna Cup Calamba Leg (Sept. 28th, Premier Sportz Zone)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I saw the sign (part 2)

(photos taken along C5, Quezon City- using my trusty SE K610i)

3. The Old Spaghetti House' answer to the rice price crisis:

4. How do I say I love you? Scribble it on a pillar along the hi-way:

5. Uy, binata na sya...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stop mousing around, Cat!

Last night, the equilibrium of stacked up unwashed dishes was disturbed! The plates came crashing down along with the spoons, forks and dirty pans (I’m exaggerating).

So this minor disturbance was caused by a mouse jumping over the dishes. This prompted Mig, the resident Persian cat to check out the scene. Our youngest and I were waiting with anticipation how this feline of royal pedigree would finish his prey. Alas… it got shy and almost ran upstairs. I grabbed him and laid him down about one foot away from the rodent.

The vermin went behind the trash bag resting against the wall, but the cat just waited there. I got impatient and picked up the trash bag, exposing the terrified rodent: it dashed to a corner and Mig was close on its tail (literally). The mouse was trying to climb to the top of the sink in which it was unsuccessful. All the time it was trying, the Persian cat just stared at it. This cat wouldn’t have a chance of being featured in David Attenborough’s Life on Earth or Discovery Channel's Animal Planet. This would more be appropriate for Funniest Videos!

I frustratingly whacked the mouse with a walis ting-ting and disposed of it.

Dead mouse

So for mouse control, I recommend getting an Akita. But wait, an Akita’s a dog, right? Yup! Our Akita, Gem, used to catch mice and smaller rats. I think her rodent count was 4 (okay, 3.5- we both took care of the last one), before she passed away.

Think again if you want a Persian cat for rodent control :p

(Pusa mo Pau ha)