Tuesday, September 18, 2007

IRRI FC joins in 1st Mizuno Corporate Futsal Cup

The IRRI Football Club (IRRI FC) participated last Sunday, September 16, 2007 in the 1st Mizuno Corporate Cup held at the prestigious DasmariƱas Village in Makati City.

IRRI FC played in bracket A along with Globe FC, Citigroup FC, HSBC-2 and powerhouse Union FC/Real Soluziona. SR Metal, Inc., HSBC-1, Accenture FC, Satoshi FC and Ogilvy FC comprised bracket B.

IRRI FC is composed of goal keeper Tanguy Lafarge (CESD), Gay Carrillo, Darlene Sanchez, Rhulyx Mendoza, Kofi Bimpong (PBGB) Jonathan Mendoza (CRIL) and Icoy Mercado (PBGB). The team was reinforced with the addition of Jyron Mendoza (brother of Rhulyx), Jojo Telosa (brother of Anthony Telosa, GRC) and former GRC staff Monique Barile. Sheila Quilloy (GRC), Ems Deomano (CRIL) and Dr. Lafarge’s family also joined to watch and cheer.

In their first game, IRRI FC scored the first goal but Globe FC quickly scored level after the kick-off. The two teams were still tied 2-2 during the final 12.7 seconds but a wayward ball from Globe FC found its way to goal for a 2-3 IRRI FC loss.

Excellent defense by Tanguy and Icoy paired with goals by Monique, Kofi, Jojo, and brothers Rhulyx and Jyron lifted IRRI FC to two consecutive wins against Citigroup (4-2) and HSBC-2 (5-0).

In the last game, IRRI FC faced Union FC/Real Soluziona reinforced with former national team players. After allowing one goal, IRRI FC leveled the match 1-1. However, fatigue caught up with the rice researchers and went to lose the game 5-1.

IRRI FC, with 2 wins and 2 loses, finished 3rd. Globe FC (4-0) and Union FC/Real Soluziona (3-1) advanced to the semifinals.

Photos can be viewed here.

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