Friday, March 14, 2008

Being a manager

Tough job, if you ask me...

Yup football managers really have a difficult task of rounding up the players, fix their conflicting schedules, decide on the uniform and of course the transportation.

Tomorrow IRRI FC will be testing the mettle of Manila-based players in a mixed futsal event: MIXED FUTSALA, sponsored by Mizuno, for the benefit of the RP Ladies' Futsal team.

After may be a couple of months of recruiting and planning, I gathered around 15 willing and abled bodies to make up the team. I attended the caoches'/managers' meeting, decided what to wear, listed what items to bring and manage the financials, then it happened. One by one, the so-called committed players that confirmed, asked to be dropped from the rolls. While most had valid reasons, I'm totally disgusted with this one. He was even the most talkative of the lot (he would express one sentence in around 100 words. I have one word for that: BULL). Three days before D-day, he said he was sick, blah blah. Finally today he said wasn't joining. I was actually relieved he's not coming. This will be the last time I'll ask him to join something.

Actually, these were the only glitches. Most of the regulars will still be joining. Our most compassionate player will be coming late. Our most prolific scorer will be keeper, and I'm still hoping 2 former class A lady players will be joining us.

Photos will be courtesy of SheilaQ and JackJ. But won't be posted until monday. (wink)

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