Friday, October 08, 2010

Open Sourcing

Having old PowerPC hardware with not much option of an upgrade, it was time to try something different. For some years now, I have been a "fan" of open source: Linux distros YellowDog, Bayanihan, Suse, Ubuntu. I was able to run these said distros on an oldworld PPC (except Ubuntu). It was a challenge not to get frustrated during installations. I found myself using the "$" prompt, and I was successful, to some extent. I even thought about taking up short courses on Linux! (Linux is free, but the classes are expensive!)

After a few months, however, we got an iBook. Then my install disks were shelved and now are obsolete. This was six years ago...

Now, I type this on a WinBox. Open source is still here. I installed VirtualBox and in it I have run Karmic Koala. But Linux is not booted up very often.

Even though running windoze OS, open source is very much active in this box. I have a "complimentary copy" of PS CS4 but I actually prefer GIMP 2.6 over it. I also have a "complimentary copy" of M$0fce but I prefer

Other open source software that I use is UFRAW (okay, I'm trying to "love" it but PS CS handles RAW files much better!).

Self publishing is an in thing, and my wife and I are trying to make our first photo book. Open source tools: Inkscape for vector graphics and Scribus for lay-out.

I wish I were typing on a Mac (yes, I wish, and I wish soon! Very soon!). Good thing GIMP, Inkscape,, and Scribus have versions that can run on the Mac.

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