Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Initiated... not!

I got this last Friday after playing football in the Institute's sportsfest.

(Background). I injured myself while playing football (scrimmage only!)last March 5th. I sprinted to catch up with a wayward ball when I felt a sharp pain on the underside of my right thigh. I slowed down a bit, then accelerated again but the pain was still there. I decided to allow Olen to get the ball (she was on the other team) while I limped towards the touch line. Right then, I knew I strained my hamstring.

I couldn't walk normally, I couldn't undo/do my shoe laces. So that was the start of a one-week no-sport week. I had to have this injury shaken off quickly- the Institute games were about to start in two weeks and our team was to play first!

The healing time I alloted was actually one day more than a week. Since our team were playing the following week, I called for a practice on March 13th. My right thigh still hurt so I did not strain it too much- I actually used my right foot during the duration of the practice. Another practice was held a day before the game (Thursday), and again I used my left leg more.

Come game day, I relied on my right leg more. Grabe, it hurt but I just let it be. Shaking my leg once in a while when the ball was not in our half. The game ended and I did a lot of running, free kicks, long clears jumping headers and other "normal" moves.

Friday night, Sheila noticed that I had a small bruise at the lower portion on the back of my thigh. I did not hurt.

The following Saturday, we scoured Divisoria for a variety of stuff. When we came home, there... my overly strained hamstring... so, no sports for 2 weeks again... Sigh...

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Marya said...

para kang nasipa ng giant...mukhang paa yung pasa mo eh =P