Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stop mousing around, Cat!

Last night, the equilibrium of stacked up unwashed dishes was disturbed! The plates came crashing down along with the spoons, forks and dirty pans (I’m exaggerating).

So this minor disturbance was caused by a mouse jumping over the dishes. This prompted Mig, the resident Persian cat to check out the scene. Our youngest and I were waiting with anticipation how this feline of royal pedigree would finish his prey. Alas… it got shy and almost ran upstairs. I grabbed him and laid him down about one foot away from the rodent.

The vermin went behind the trash bag resting against the wall, but the cat just waited there. I got impatient and picked up the trash bag, exposing the terrified rodent: it dashed to a corner and Mig was close on its tail (literally). The mouse was trying to climb to the top of the sink in which it was unsuccessful. All the time it was trying, the Persian cat just stared at it. This cat wouldn’t have a chance of being featured in David Attenborough’s Life on Earth or Discovery Channel's Animal Planet. This would more be appropriate for Funniest Videos!

I frustratingly whacked the mouse with a walis ting-ting and disposed of it.

Dead mouse

So for mouse control, I recommend getting an Akita. But wait, an Akita’s a dog, right? Yup! Our Akita, Gem, used to catch mice and smaller rats. I think her rodent count was 4 (okay, 3.5- we both took care of the last one), before she passed away.

Think again if you want a Persian cat for rodent control :p

(Pusa mo Pau ha)


Christina said...

I was hoping to see a photo of the kyot (but useless) cat...

Anonymous said...

Just happen to chance upon this website when doing some random searches. Read almost everything. SO CUTE !!

wanna be friends?

Here's my e-mail

hope to hear from you soonest.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... napaisip ako. is your cat the cousin of garfield?

here in our house yung pitbull ang humahabol sa mga daga kaya alam na namin na daga na yung hinahabol nya kasi sobrang ingay nya na. LOL!