Tuesday, July 03, 2007


After watching the Ladies' 3rd place game between Peach and Gray, I'm pissed, really.

I haven't seen the kind of unsports(wo)man attitude displayed by April Muere during today's game since our own high school intramurals. In high school, the players are so much immature as compared to people with jobs, especially working in an international institute.

She was so physical, using her bulge-ful body to bulldoze the Peach team. But what really ticked me off is her jeering in the court. One of our players were shooting free throws. After missing the last shot, this excuse of a "HR employee" went up to our player and made faces and jeered in our player's face. And she's and HR employee, much less, a secretary there. :p BASTOS KA, APRIL MUERE.

May be the organizers of this annual event, which is incidentally the HR relations, should make clear the objectives of the sportsfest... Because their own secretary obviously doesn't know! Bummer.

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