Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hot off the displays!!!

A brief account of the a day and a quick list of most of the things we purchased today. :)

First, we stopped by the Factory Outlet in Mamplasan. Boy, everyday sale! :)

Wilson Racquet Bag, Flower Power Edition (Green). Nice, spacious interior with separate shoe compartment. Easily fits 2-3 racquets, may it be for tennis or badminton. Of course, this is Sheila Mae's.

Next, SM also got a pair of Nike Jogging pants. Well, can't say much about this. Don't even think the photo matches what she bought. :D

Then Icoy got this Adidas shoe bag, also in Mamplasan. Two tone (black and blue), Fits one pair and you could squeeze in your shin guards, too!

After lunch at Jollibee Shell (NB along SLEX), we went to Festival Mall for some more stuff. :) And look what goodie I got:

An authentic replica of a Barcelona FC jersey!

SM and I still bought some stuff there (a pair of shoes- sorry! I don't know what style- some toiletries, undies) but nah, no need to put up pictures of those.

So the trip back to Laguna, we stopped by Petron BiƱan and had dinner at McDonald's. We had dessert and coffee afterwards at Starbucks. Coffee drikers/lovers that we were, we purchased 250g of Vinta Blend... mmm...

Oh well... and to think most of these were not planned. But I'M NOT COMPLAINING! :)


Sheila Mae said...

hahaha... i always enjoy shopping especially when it's on sale and when your doing it with someone who enjoys (hmmm...not too sure about this) it as much as you do!
i love the floral green bag. not my favorite color but the other one is much too distracting for my taste. :)
my gray jogging pants is also nice. i like the fit and like the bag, it's on sale! hurrah!
my shoes is also on sale (double hurrah!) it's from finickee, and its a cute doll shoes. i dont know how to describe the color but i like it. uhmm...i was also soooo tempted to buy another pretty wedge sandals with white straps not too high. trying not to be a compulsive shopper. :p (i'll get back to that next time we shop...i hope it will be soon...hehehe....)

Sheila Mae said...

oopss....i forgot... great way to cap a day of shopping is with a great cup of coffee. yummy...
you forgot about the coffee passport from starbucks! it's really cool. ;)