Thursday, February 15, 2007

Botak '07

And so it begins anew...

OU wars (see previous posts) at IRRI commenced last tuesday, Feb 13th. Opening ceremonies were, as usual, held at the basketball court. After all the blahs-blahs and the oath of sportsmanship (oh, really now...), Dr. Willy Padolina signaled officially started hostilities by clapping two wood boards, and off we went!

The ~5k fun run started from the Training Center Rotunda, circling the demo field thrice and ending at the AgEngineering building. The top 20 runners (for both men's and women's division) garnered points. Obviously (but nonetheless sadly), I wasn't able to make it in the top 20.

But who cares! I finished the race and the team (GO PEACH! GO PEACH! GO PEACH!) went to go on a rampage, and won the top honors. The peach men's collective points were miles away from the nearest contender, the fink team. The ladies came in second to the pink team.

Go Peach! Hopefully, this is a sign of better things to come!

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Christina said...


Mag-update ka naman!! :P You need to announce that peach won, hehehe.