Saturday, May 06, 2006

Palauan: Chapter 1

Prologue lang yun una. :)

So now, where do I start? Let's see... Okay, I'll start with money (or lack of it). I got the cash advance for this trip. I'm carrying cash for two persons: Jie Chen and myself. Jie is our collaborator, and policy dictates that I be responsible for her (oh well). Maricel of accounting sent an email saying that my cash advance request of Php20k+ can not be claimed today (friday) because it was late (blame it on the travel office), and since the amount is greater than Php15k, it has to be on a check. Imagine, a check on a friday afternoon??? I resigned to the fact that it will be trimmed to 15k, the rest of the amount will be shouldered by me (and I will reimburse). Sigh... I got the cash. And then Ate Mayee suggested that the remaining amount be deposited to my account next week. Wow, a great idea!

And then there's the poster. Here's a classic buzzer beater in extension! The editor, Tess Rola, finished editing the hard copy of my poster quarter past 4... Good thing Gatty (the artist) was only printing two (may be three?) posters. He was kind enough to stretch his time a few minutes after 5. :) Thank you! Special mention goes to Tappy Peralta-Jimenez who printed the draft, sent it to Tess and lent me her PC to do the editing. Thank you, Tappy!

Anyway... at least I can go to Puerto Princesa City to attend the FCSSP Conference- and go back! I had trouble booking my flight back home because almost all seats were taken. Good thing one seat was left for me on the flight back on the 14th.

Still much to do over the weekend, though...

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