Monday, April 03, 2006


This past weekend really was different. I was in Subic to play beach footbal. Our team was composed of players from IRRI and those from Makiling United (Makiling United is one the "regular" teams from Los BaƱos- some of us from IRRI join them when the IRRI team can not field one).

We went there for fun, not really thinking much of winning the championship. Out of seven teams, we ended up fourth after the eliminations- which was good enough to qualify for the semifinals. And being fourth, we were to play the no. 1 team. Sigh.

Surprisingly, we beat the best team (Baguio Football Club). However, we ended up being runner ups,after being trashed (2-0) by Mama Sita Chili Labuyo. Still, it was a nice experience, playing beach football for the first time, meeting new faces on the football community, and being the "import" in the team (I was orginally the only Pinoy, hehehehe).

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